Wing Desk 

Inspired by the 1950s and its period for minimalistic design, following the Second World War. This desk was designed to have a tapered side profile, inspired by airplane wings. The concept for a wing design was due to the connection between the 1950s and commercial passenger airlines beginning to become more accessible worldwide at a more affordable price. This desk is finished in a waxed oak finish featuring two hidden drawers and a power outage port including two USB ports placed under the left side of the desk. 


Bicycle Floor Light 


Inspired by velodrome cycling helmets, this floor light features a front top heavy tapered shade in a gloss black finish manufactured by vacuum forming. All the metal work is finished in a gloss black powder coating and the lower half of the floor light features a gloss varnished walnut frame and a circular steel base. 

Hidden Pestle and Mortar

Inspired by the concept of designing tableware that could be left on the table when not in use without looking untidy - brought the idea of creating hidden tableware. A concept that tableware items would be designed as a piece of art or sculpture with a functional use such as the pestle and mortar shown below. Constructed from 3D print, the decision to use this method of manufacture was both considered due to forward thinking design and for sustainable reasons enabling the ability to print on demand. This model is made from plastic but with 3D print, gives the possibility to print in other materials including metals such as bronze. 


Bowl Collection 

Looking back to the beginning of human history, early living essentials included a spoon, bowl and stool. With these as the chosen archetypes and a re-occurring theme of a dish like shape of some sort between them, lead to this shape as inspiration and the acquired theme. All constructed from copper, the spoon and bowl were made using several making techniques and are bonded together using silver solder. The stool is hammered into a bowl shape and then hammered onto a black powder coated steel tube frame.

Console Table

Inspired by minimalism and Japanese design, this console table was designed to retain a simple aesthetic, whilst ensuring a strong construction for longevity. The frame and legs is manufactured from plywood, finished in racing green. The top surface is finished in copper.